"The times do not allow anyone the luxury of waiting around for others to lead"  - Matthew Fox


"We are the ones that we have been waiting for" - Barack Obama


Our values are: Accountability - Relationships - Integrity -Balance - Sustainability

These values underpin our vision -

Character traits are not the same as behaviour, and that it is behaviour that determines leadership capability. It is this process of translation of character into behaviour -  individuals who choose to demonstrate leadership whether they are in authority roles or not.

This is the vision for Authenticity1.

It means that management and leadership involves more than models and theory. It is about discovering what really matters to you- who you are in those moments when the real you needs to emerge. Being brave enough to acknowledge it: and then integrating that into your life,work and lead others in a way that is congruent.

"...the causes of today’s problems are complex and interconnected. There are no
simple answers, and no one individual can possibly know what to do. We seem unable
to acknowledge these complex realities. Instead, when the leader fails to resolve the
crisis, we fire him or her, and immediately begin searching for the next (more perfect)
one."Margaret Wheatley"

Don't be mistaken this approach to leadership requires us to be courageous.




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