Team effectiveness and productivity

Team effectiveness and productivity

While everyone knows teamwork is a good thing, you may not know how it works.

Why do some teams really sky rocket towards achieving their goals and vision and others struggle.
The answers do not come easy, there are however formulae that we can use to create that high performance. To create breakthroughs that will catalyse the team to a continually higher level.

Typical outcomes from a team process would be:

  • Clarification of team vision and operating norms
  • Awareness of team dynamics and the skills required to breakthrough blockers
  • Heightened levels of trust and collaboration
  • New found levels of having open conversations to improve effectiveness
  • Clear initiatives to focus on to achieve business objectives
  • Greater energy and engagement around activities

A team process is designed for the specific need of the client and may include:

1. A discovery phase diagnostic tools as described in our models section
2. A delivery phase masterful facilitation
3. An embedding phase suggestions to ensure that agreed actions are implemented
4. A follow up 6 to 8 weeks post the intervention to further entrench and embed

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