Leadership development

Leadership development

The essence of creating success in life is building from the inside out. What this means is to use ones individual values as the guide for all that we do.

First get the being right, then the doing will follow.

Values are often masked by drivers like the need for acceptance and control and to live truly by our values for many of us is a continual challenge.
There are often moments in life where the real person or the real leader stands up to be counted.

In our coaching and leadership programmes the context is set and the support given for that authentic leader within to really come to life.

Years of experience and training has equipped authenticity consultants to build a tapestry of congruence through all that their participants do.

The authenticity model draws on diagnostic tools and story to unearth the natural intrinsic centre from which to build.

A1 programmes and coaches are results focussed and are committed to working with the client to get to their desired  outcomes as quickly as possible.

We challenge leaders to:
  • provide conditions and good group processes for people to work together
  • provide resources of time.
  • insist that people and the system learn from experience, frequently.
  • offer unequivocal support—people know the leader is there for them.
  • creating safe havens where people are less encumbered by senseless demands for reports
  • play defense with other leaders who want to take back control, who are critical that people have been given too much freedom.
  • give constructive feedback to people on a regular basis
  • work with people to develop relevant measures of progress to make their achievements visible.
  • value a collaborative environment
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