Our delivery methodologies vary depending on the clients needs. However, they typically involve consultation, individual and group facilitation, coaching, telephone support and support at the business functional levels. Authenticity works across the following parameters of success:

Self Awareness: To what degree is the leader aware of his or her strengths, limitations, how others see him or her and how the leader impacts others?

Transparency: To what degree does the leader reinforce a level of openness with others that provides them with an opportunity to be forthcoming with their ideas, challenges and opinions?

Ethical/Moral: To what degree does the leader set a high standard for moral and ethical conduct?

Balanced Processing: To what degree does the leader solicit sufficient opinions and viewpoints prior to making important decisions?

"…if change is going to happen on a scale that can truly make a difference, the individuals who are in positions of leadership are going to have to become nothing less than heroes - moral, ethical, and spiritual heroes - who are willing to take big risks for all of our sake. If our leaders were to become real leaders in this way, to evolve at the level of consciousness and conscience, they would truly be able to come together in new ways. This is the challenge of authentic leadership and, from a certain point of view, nothing is more important. No matter how many individuals awaken, unless those who are really in positions of power - which means politicians and corporate leaders - evolve and awaken in dramatic ways, nothing is really going to change."  – Andrew Cohen
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