The consultants at Authenticity1 work from a uniting philosophy of harnessing the being of leadership as well as the doing.

Authenticity1 partners leaders, teams & organisations to:

  • Maximise the point of difference - the unique offering brought by their people.

To achieve out performing results by:

  • Bringing the full compliment of their strengths and capabilities to their roles
  • Aligning people behind a clear and compelling vision
  • Create organisational climates which value the whole self in the workplace
  • Excelling in unprecedented rates of change.

A1 partners to achieve sustainability in out-performing their own expectations and their identified competitors by using a diverse range of approaches.

A1 believes that everybody has leadership potential and it aims to connect its clients to the unique essence of that leadership - to be authentic. Authentic leadership captures the hearts and minds of people and can make extraordinary things happen.

Our core business is developing leadership which is real and leveraging the benefits of that across teams and organisations.
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